Radio New Zealand – Artist Sofia Minson to paint modern portraits of Maori with Moko facial tattoos

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Radio New Zealand Interview (Part 2 of 2)

Before we get to the interview I’d like to say a big thanks to the ladies in charge at Parnell Gallery – Sally and Anna.  We’ve had a tonne of interest over the past few weeks with clients and passers-by popping into the gallery to look at my works, particularly the large-scale portraits peering through the front window.

It’s been really neat to get that kind of feedback, so we’ve locked in my first exhibition with Parnell Gallery from 22 Nov – 6 Dec 2011, a joint show with Matt Gauldie.

Back to the interview… following on from last week where I started digging my way through the archives, here is the second half of my discussion with Kathryn Ryan on Radio New Zealand from 2008.  We talk about my painting process, balancing creativity with business and self-promotion.

Written by artist Sofia Minson from
New Zealand Maori portrait and landscape oil paintings

Radio New Zealand Interview (Part 1 of 2)

This week I rummaged through the archives and found a radio interview from three years ago.  I figured, instead of it hiding away on a CD in my drawer, I’d put it onto YouTube to share with you.

So here is the first half of an interview I had with journalist Kathryn Ryan on Radio New Zealand National’s Nine To Noon programme on 17th April 2008.

We talk about my love of art since childhood and how my teenage years living in Sri Lanka inspired a series of culturally diverse portraits.  We also discuss the unlikely decision I made to shun the arts at school in favour of the sciences, only to become a professional artist at the age of 19 with my first public sell-out exhibition.

To accompany the audio there’s a slideshow of exhibition photos, travel pics and painting images.

Stay tuned for next week when the second half of the interview will be ready.

I look forward to hearing your questions and comments.

Written by artist Sofia Minson from
New Zealand Maori portrait and landscape oil paintings