Maori oil portrait and New Zealand landscape painting three years in the making

There are some pieces in an artist’s life that have particular gravitas, that are particularly challenging to give birth to, and when they are finally complete, you feel the need to celebrate and share that journey of patience, blood, sweat, and tears as well as inspiration with the world.

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Radio New Zealand interviews Sofia Minson on her portraits of modern Maori with Ta Moko (facial tattoo)

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Video of Adam Portraiture Award judge commenting on Maori portrait painting by Sofia Minson

Take a look at this footage I found of art judge Lilly Koltun commenting on my Maori oil portrait From Hikurangi to Hibernia, a finalist in the New Zealand Portrait Gallery’s 2008 Adam Portraiture Award.

If all goes well I’ll enter again this year.  Take note all you artists, entry forms for the 2014 awards will be available soon from the NZ Portrait Gallery website.

Limited Edition Print of “From Hikurangi to Hibernia” is available for $680, free shipping NZ wide. Just click here, scroll down and click ‘add to cart’.

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Art Workshops, Exhibition and Live Painting at Orakei Community Centre

I’ll be the ‘Artist in Residence’ throughout Saturday and Sunday painting on-site, exhibiting my art and discussing with visitors my techniques and the way I draw from my heritage to inform my work.
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Currently painting a 3 metre high Maori Portrait – my largest painting ever!

Over the next year or more I see myself focussing mainly on contemporary Maori portraiture.  Alongside that, I will likely continue to paint waka, simple mystical landscapes and Maori carving forms.
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