Front Cover of Metropol Magazine – Sofia Minson’s Painting “The Kaka is Calling”

Look who’s on the cover of the Metropol Magazine for August 2014!! It’s the Kaka bird from my painting “The Kaka is Calling” which is part of the stunning group exhibition now on at Christchurch’s Bryce Gallery until 18th August. Such a thrill to be on the cover of Canterbury’s leading lifestyle magazine, really grateful.

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Mobile phone case with Maori and Indian designs by Sofia Minson


Been doodling on my phone case today with a manaia figure surrounded by Indian henna designs… Manaia are ancient Maori mythical beings with a bird’s head and serpent’s tail that are messengers between the domain of the spirits and mortals, seen often in carvings. Here the manaia has a fishhook tail.

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