Landscape Art Exhibition opening Wednesday 19th August at Bryce Gallery in Christchurch


A sneak peek of the Mt Cook lilies – a close up detail – on one of my new landscape paintings

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New works by Sofia Minson at group show “A bird on the wall” in Christchurch 7-18 August

“A bird on the wall…. is as good as two in the bush!” is a really fun invitational group show that I’ve created two new paintings for, here’s a close-up of one of them, “The Kaka is Calling“…


Head over to Bryce Gallery in Christchurch from 7-18 August to view the bird themed paintings and sculptures by myself and 12 other talented artists.

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“Somebody” Exhibition 3-19 April 2014 at Bryce Gallery in Christchurch

Check out our exhibition opening today, running till 19 April, at Bryce Gallery in Christchurch called “Somebody”. It’s a people focussed exhibition with 14 artists and 32 paintings including this one by me…


First Mother” by Sofia Minson, acrylic & flashe painting on loose canvas, 960 x 1960mm, 2014

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Two New Zealand landscape paintings featuring waka (canoes) to be exhibited in Christchurch

After my ‘Good as Goldie‘ portrait was snapped up the first day it arrived at Bryce Gallery in Christchurch last month, the next two paintings are finally arriving today.

They are two serene landscape paintings with waka (canoes), both inspired by Maori voyaging legends.

Calling all you Cantabrians!

Head along to Bryce Gallery and check them out. In person you will be able to appreciate the smoothness of the paintwork and the level of detail that has gone into the native huia birds and intricately carved waka prows.

'Toia mai te waka' by Sofia Minson, 2011, oil on canvas, 550 x 1500mm, $9,000

Toia mai te waka by Sofia Minson, 2011, oil on canvas, 550 x 1500mm, $9,000

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