Tips for making your Art Prints look fantastic in your home

Choose, frame and display. If you’re keen to buy a Limited Edition Art Print for your home you’ll need to give equal weight to these three things.
Prints "Ko Aoraki Te Maunga" and "Matawhaorua"

Here’s a few tips…
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Come to my live painting demo this Wednesday in Mt Eden

Come and say hi and watch my painting process unfold from 10am – midday tomorrow (Wednesday 12th October) at the Gifford Gallery in Mt Eden.

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Who are the custodians of Maori Visual Art?

Free by Tracey Tawhiao

“Free” by Tracey Tawhiao

Thank you for all of your thought provoking responses to the previous post’s question “Is it alright to combine elements of Maori designs and create something new out of them?”

I’m in the middle of reading Tuamaka – The Challenge of Difference in Aotearoa New Zealand by social anthropologist Dame Joan Metge and she suggests…

“The problem of cultural appropriation is particularly acute for the creative artist. Sometimes there is a very fine line between legitimate borrowing and looting. Continue reading

Maori Designs In Our Art – Appropriated or Legitimate?

Kia ora friends,

I’ve been asked a culturally sensitive question by a Scandinavian man who at one point spent time living in New Zealand.

NZ Artist Gordon Walters' Painting

I’d like to put his question to you all because although the issue has been discussed in the public arena before, I’m not quite sure what the answer is or where to find it….

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Radio New Zealand Interview (Part 2 of 2)

Before we get to the interview I’d like to say a big thanks to the ladies in charge at Parnell Gallery – Sally and Anna.  We’ve had a tonne of interest over the past few weeks with clients and passers-by popping into the gallery to look at my works, particularly the large-scale portraits peering through the front window.

It’s been really neat to get that kind of feedback, so we’ve locked in my first exhibition with Parnell Gallery from 22 Nov – 6 Dec 2011, a joint show with Matt Gauldie.

Back to the interview… following on from last week where I started digging my way through the archives, here is the second half of my discussion with Kathryn Ryan on Radio New Zealand from 2008.  We talk about my painting process, balancing creativity with business and self-promotion.

Written by artist Sofia Minson from
New Zealand Maori portrait and landscape oil paintings