60+ top contemporary New Zealand artworks on auction for new public sculpture

“Sometimes it’s up to artists to help other artists, so they can help the community” says Sofia Minson about this unique fundraiser for a new public sculpture in Masterton.

Ready to expand your collection of artworks by top contemporary NZ artists?art-for-our-valley-karl-maughan-michael-smither-sofia-minson-new-zealand-artwork

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Oh what a difference a frame makes!

Sofia-Minson-Painting-Aoraki-Gold-Kaki-bird-mt-cook-new-zealand-artworkI’m feeling very lucky to be surrounded by teams of people who give my art an amplified voice and take it to the world. ¬†Just got this baby “Aoraki Gold” back from Homestead Picture Framers (thank you for your genius over the years!) and wrapping it up today to send to my incredible crew at Artbay Gallery in Queenstown.¬† Continue reading

Parnell Gallery Christmas Art Exhibition 29 November – 1 December 2014

This year I’ve got six brand new paintings in the Parnell Gallery Christmas Exhibition, which showcases works by 17 New Zealand artists and opens to the public at 10am on Saturday 29 November. My pieces are all 300 x 300mm in size and very affordable at $300 unframed. Five of my six paintings celebrate the life force or what Maori term the ‘mauri’ of symbolic power animals or spirit animals, including the black panther, the white tiger, the lion (as seen in the picture below) and New Zealand’s native kaka bird. The sixth artwork is a mandala, a circular pattern inspired by the Pacific ocean.


“Mauri of the Lion” by Sofia Minson, 300 x 300mm, acrylic and flashe paint on canvas, 2014, $300 unframed

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Tips for making your Art Prints look fantastic in your home

Choose, frame and display. If you’re keen to buy a Limited Edition Art Print for your home you’ll need to give equal weight to these three things.
Prints "Ko Aoraki Te Maunga" and "Matawhaorua"

Here’s a few tips…
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