Canvassing The Treaty (Part 5 of 6)

Here’s part 5 of 6 of the doco Canvassing The Treaty – a thought provoking art and social experiment following six New Zealand artists as they gain deeper insights into the Treaty of Waitangi and create cross-cultural collaborative artworks.

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When the Light of the Sun of Truth inspires the mind of a painter…

When the Light of the Sun of Truth
Inspires the mind of a painter,
he produces marvelous pictures
These gifts are fulfilling their highest purpose,
when showing forth the praise of God

- Abdu’l-Bahá, the Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith
Quoted in The Chosen Highway.

This is something I feel we can aspire to do as artists.  I remember a few years ago going through a period where I seriously questioned my role as ‘artist’ and wondered how I could possibly contribute to the world in any real and constructive way Continue reading