One Year On: Big Street Art Paste-Up of Tiki Taane with Moko in Newmarket

Been a year since wheat-pasting a massive 9 x 15 metre print of my painting of Tiki Taane with full-face moko (traditional Maori tattoo) on a wall in Auckland’s high-end retail district of Newmarket.  What do you think, is it looking worse for wear or just “seasoned”?



Ripped paper for added character ;) Been through wind and rain for a year, I expected it to look worse actually

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‘Pacific Discovery’ cultural visitor attraction on Auckland’s waterfront

I’ve been doing some exciting Arts consultation on a new project - Pacific Discovery. For the idea’s creator Bill Ludbrook and production designer Logan Brewer MBE, the cultural visitor attraction proposed for Auckland’s waterfront has been 8 years in the making.

What do you think, is it time we have something like this in our city???

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Video of Adam Portraiture Award judge commenting on Maori portrait painting by Sofia Minson

Take a look at this footage I found of art judge Lilly Koltun commenting on my Maori oil portrait From Hikurangi to Hibernia, a finalist in the New Zealand Portrait Gallery’s 2008 Adam Portraiture Award.

If all goes well I’ll enter again this year.  Take note all you artists, entry forms for the 2014 awards will be available soon from the NZ Portrait Gallery website.

Limited Edition Print of “From Hikurangi to Hibernia” is available for $680, free shipping NZ wide. Just click here, scroll down and click ‘add to cart’.

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When Art strives for originality and looses sight of truth


He must know that when man shuts himself out from the vitalizing and purifying touch of the infinite, and falls back upon himself for his sustenance and his healing, then he goads himself into madness, tears himself into shreds, and eats his own substance….
…Then it is, that in our self expression, we try to startle and not to attract, in art we strive for originality and loose sight of truth, which is old and yet ever new. Continue reading