Radio New Zealand Interview on our upcoming Ponsonby exhibition

Great to listen to this Radio New Zealand National interview with Opotiki district councillor Lyn Riesterer, district planning manager Barbara Dempsey, artist and exhibition organiser Te Mete and Studio One Toi Tu manager Echo Janman.

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Opotiki District Council Planning Manager Barbara Dempsey, artist Te Mete and councillor Lyn Riesterer. Photo: RNZ / Jo O’Brien

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Radio New Zealand – Artist Sofia Minson to paint modern portraits of Maori with Moko facial tattoos

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Radio New Zealand interviews Sofia Minson on her portraits of modern Maori with Ta Moko (facial tattoo)

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Hey artists, are we “dancing bears”?

Darcy Nicholas - Artist, Writer, Curator

Kim Hill interviewed respected Maori painter, sculptor, writer, and curator Darcy Nicholas on Radio NZ National and brought up the concept of the dancing bear in relation to indigenous people creating art out of their traditional culture for a modern audience.

Darcy said “what you have to do is know the difference between the dancing bear and the real bear, because the real bear is going to eat you.”

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Great review of new New Zealand art book just released

Listen to the great review (below) of the new book Artists’ Impressions of New Zealand on Radio New Zealand National with my paintings being described as ‘haunting’.

Compiled by Denis Robinson, the book features four of my oil paintings as well as landscape and cityscape works by nearly 60 other artists.

The gorgeous coffee table book is an artist’s road trip of sorts – a journey from the top to the bottom of New Zealand.

Order the book online here

Written by artist Sofia Minson from
New Zealand Maori portrait and landscape oil paintings