When Art strives for originality and looses sight of truth


He must know that when man shuts himself out from the vitalizing and purifying touch of the infinite, and falls back upon himself for his sustenance and his healing, then he goads himself into madness, tears himself into shreds, and eats his own substance….
…Then it is, that in our self expression, we try to startle and not to attract, in art we strive for originality and loose sight of truth, which is old and yet ever new. Continue reading

Moving my art studio with huge paintings

Been moving my art studio (still in Auckland) and 2 paintings are too big to fit in the new door! Hmm they’ll have to stay in the garage for now…

'Te Pou Tuatahi' and another 2 x 3 metre work-in-progress

Te Pou Tuatahi and another 2 x 3 metre work-in-progress

Perhaps it’s a sign to scale down my new paintings a little bit? ¬†Can’t wait to get creating in this new space.

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Tips for making your Art Prints look fantastic in your home

Choose, frame and display. If you’re keen to buy a Limited Edition Art Print for your home you’ll need to give equal weight to these three things.
Prints "Ko Aoraki Te Maunga" and "Matawhaorua"

Here’s a few tips…
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Hey artists, are we “dancing bears”?

Darcy Nicholas - Artist, Writer, Curator

Kim Hill interviewed respected Maori painter, sculptor, writer, and curator Darcy Nicholas on Radio NZ National and brought up the concept of the dancing bear in relation to indigenous people creating art out of their traditional culture for a modern audience.

Darcy said “what you have to do is know the difference between the dancing bear and the real bear, because the real bear is going to eat you.”

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