Radio New Zealand – Artist Sofia Minson to paint modern portraits of Maori with Moko facial tattoos

Excerpt from Te Manu Korihi News on Radio New Zealand National, 9 May 2014.

Two dozen people with Maori tattoos on their faces – from New Zealand and Sydney – have answered a plea by a Ngati Porou artist Sofia Minson to have their portraits painted. It’s part of the latest art series by the Auckland-based painter.

It aims to show the modern face of tangata whenua with ta-moko kanohi (facial Maori tattoo) or moko kauae (a Maori tattoo chin).

The past Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award winner wants to leave behind the work for future generations to see. Ms Minson said she had confirmed up to 24 sittings.

She said people in Aotearoa, and some from Sydney had contacted her. Ms Minson said she would be busy for the next 12-months travelling around to visit those people.

Ms Minson said it was hugely ambitious but she was hoping to have the portraits completed in the next year.

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New Zealand Maori portrait and landscape oil paintings

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